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360 degree panorama of the product

TAICERA is committed to creating a panoramic and virtual reality service platform. Generally, only small-sized three-dimensional panoramic scenes can be seen on the Internet, and the 360-degree panoramic display of the net exhibition not only solves the limitation of broadband size, but also enlarges the details you can see during the full progress, pursuing better reproduction of the scene Feel. Now after continuous development and improvement, we have a higher definition and resolution than the pictures provided by our peers under the condition of ensuring the playback speed and window size.

  • Strong sense of reality, no viewing angle dead zone
  • The viewer can zoom in and out at will with the mouse
  • The amount of data dragged at will is small, and the hardware requirements are low
  • Users only need to go online and open the webpage to watch high-definition full-screen scenes, making the details more perfect

NEW 01

Mix Stone

By MIXING cement design with cracked stone veins, this series catches up the world's trend of tile design, in a time when design is not merely individual patterns, but rather combination of many types of textures together to create richness and fashion while still retaining the identity of traditional design.

NEW 02


Each series has a story. Our story is rooted in natural phenomena. The moment when lightning likes to tear the sky before each rain has accidentally made miracle. TAICERA applies lightning design on the full-body tiles as a way to enjoy and PRAISE the beauty of nature.

NEW 03


The nature of waves is always an unstable state. The image of the waves at times loud, quiet, angry, peaceful, is too familiar. But Taicera wants to use the image of Gentle Wave to name this series. Stable patterns throughout the design surfaces show that, even though undergoing many levels of emotion, in the end, the gentleness will be eternal.

NEW 04


The golden-yellow stone pattern is reminiscent of the golden age of a former capital of Vietnam, now a cultural heritage of the world. Gold color combined with stone veins symbolizes prosperity, this has been applied not only true in ancient times, but also true for modern society.



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